About Us

"On behalf of our directors, we welcome you all to SmatSoft Technology LTD because it's the only place you'll get all your quality solutions just in time."

SmatSoft Technologies Ltd is a full-service I.T. consultancy, run by business professionals, based in the heart of Nairobi’s Central Business District. As a multidimensional team, we have expert market knowledge and experience to guide you in your I.T. decisions. Whether you are a small business looking for personalized I.T. support or a large business demanding fast turnaround, high volume I.T. solutions, Smatsoft Technologies Ltd has the commitment, capacity, and capability to deliver.


Our vision is to be the preferred and inventive company in partnering with the society to provide tailor made IT solutions and making an informed society.


Our mission is to offer Professional IT services that is Reliable, affordable and Meet the Needs of our Customers. We translate these advanced technologies into value for our customers through our professional solutions, services and consulting businesses.


Our Ethos & Values

i. Passion about our Products and Services

ii. Customer Focus

iii. Honesty and Integrity.

iv. Teamwork

v. Innovation and Creativity

vi. Excellent customer service

vii. Building strong relationships and networks


Our objectives include:

i. To promote a profitable and sustainable business activity that meets the customer’s needs.

ii. To increase the company’s market share

iii. To gain the competitive edge

iv. To provide excellent customer service

Our Partners